Create Users and Assigning Roles

Sample6 CONTROL allows you to give access to anyone within your company or even those outside your company. You may choose to give access to your QA team, Sanitation Team, Operations Team or even an outside lab or Vendor.  Each user can be assigned the role of Manager, Operator, Sanitation Manager, or Viewer. You should select the role that best fits your business rules and the software access capabilities of each role (described below).

To create new users:

  1. Log into Sample6 CONTROL. Note:  You must have 'Administration Access' in order to create or modify users.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner and select 'Settings' 
  3. Click the 'Users' button on the left side of the Settings page
  4. From the User List click the 'Create New' button
  5. Fill in the information requested and assign the appropriate role (if you have more than one site within your company, you can specify which sites this user can access)
  6. Click 'Save' to finish creating your user.  An email will be sent to the user with the password that was assigned.  Simply sign in with the Orange Button 'Sign In' to get get started.  

Note: If you check the box labeled 'Admin', that user will have access to the 'Settings' page, regardless of User/Role.  A user will only be able to modify the settings for the site(s) that they can access.  If a user is assigned to all sites, they will be able modify settings that can affect all sites.

Role Abilities


Manager - This role will allow the highest level of permission across all sites within your company.  Users in this role have full functionality/visibility of all sites in a multi-site company's CONTROL page.  'Settings' access can be assigned separately.  

Scheduler - This role will allow user to complete work across all sites similar to a manager with some editing restrictions.  

Scheduler Access includes:

  • Creating and editing Schedules across all sites
  • Changing Schedule owners
  • Confirming and deleting test results

Operator - This role will allow user to complete work within the sites assigned to them.  

Operator Access includes:

  • Entering Results for previously created or assigned Schedules
  • Completing Remediation Activities
  • Viewing Test Points, Floorplans, and the Dashboard
  • Viewing and Creating Reports

Operator Access excludes:

  • Creating Schedules
  • Reviewing Remediation tasks
  • Editing Test Points or the Floorplan

Sanitation Manager - This role will allow the user to complete work and access information in sites that are assigned to them.  'Settings' access can be assigned separately.  

Sanitation Manager Access includes:

  • Viewing and Completing Remediation Activities (ie. signing off on "clean" steps)
  • Viewing Completed Schedules
  • Viewing and Editing Test Points, Floorplans, and the Dashboard
  • Viewing and Creating Reports

Sanitation Manager Access excludes:

  • Entering Test Results
  • Creating Schedules
  • Viewing Open Schedules

Viewer - This role will allow the user to view information within sites assigned to them.  Viewers have the ability to view the Dashboard, Test Points, Floorplans, Schedules, Remediation Activities, and Reports.  Editing or Creating content is excluded.   


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