Throughput of the DETECT/L assay

DETECT/L is designed to be run in small batches, 10-20 at a time. This can be easily completed in a single shift, with only 1 hour of hands on time. For each set of 10-20 samples processed, there will about about 20-30 minutes of hands on time and then a 6 hour incubation period. Following the incubation period, there is another 20-30 minutes of hands on time for sample prep before reading your results. Because the process is divided into 3 distinct time periods, some customers find it beneficial to divide the hands-on time between staff members.

As well, some customers may decide to swab sites and store the swabs in cold storage (4 degrees C) for up to 24 hours.  This may allow a different shift to process the swabs and start the process or shorten the time period for processing the swabs when employees arrive in the morning and start the DETECT/L assay

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