Included Sample6 DETECT/L assay solutions

These are the following liquid solutions that are included in the Sample6 DETECT/L assay:

  • Detection Buffer - Sample6’s proprietary solution that was developed to neutralize sanitizers commonly used in processing plants and allow for the recovery Listeria cells to enhance detection of any cells.
  • Detection Solution - A combination of bacteriophages that have been engineered by Sample6 to carry the luciferase gene (produces enzyme that aids in producing light/RLU). The bacteriophages were selected so that the combination can interact with a broad range of Listeria species. The Detection solution is mixed with the Detection buffer prior to addition the swab samples.
  • Detection Reagent A - This is the substrate for the luciferase enzyme. When the substrate interacts with the enzyme it produces a very small amount of light (RLU) that can be detected the Sample6 DETECT Reader.
  • Detection Reagent B - This is a buffered solution that provides optimal conditions for the function of the enzyme. Reagent A is diluted into Reagent B prior to addition to the sample
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