Mixing the Detection Buffer/Solution and transferring to the Sponge

When preparing your samples for the incubation period, you will need to add the Detection Buffer/Detection Solution mixture to each of the sample bags.  Make sure the "Detection Buffer" and "Detection Solution" are removed from cold storage.  Put them in your incubator (preset to 35C) before squeezing the sponges (prior step)

1) Grab the Detection Solution and Detection Buffer from the Incubator where they have been warming after removal from cold storage. Mix the two solutions (Detection Buffer and Detection Solution) by pouring the Detection Solution into the bottle of Detection Buffer. Gently swirl five times to mix.

2) Now add 6 ml of the mixed solution to each of the sample bags using the electronic pipettor and serological pipettes provided in the test kit.  A different pipette is needed for each transfer to avoid contamination between the sample bags.

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