Removing liquid from the sponge bag

First, remove your Detection Buffer and Detection Solution from cold storage and placing it in the incubator (set to 35C)

Then prepare your samples for the incubation period by first removing as much liquid from the sponge/bag as possible. Each sponge will have a different amount of liquid, but you should generally be able to remove between 2-10 mL of liquid from the bag prior to adding the Detection Buffer/Detection Solution mixture to the bag. 

To remove the most liquid:

  1. Position the sponge to near the top of one side of the bag
  2. Squeeze the sponge with your palms until all of the liquid has run to the bottom of the bag
  3. Tilt the bag to pool the liquid in the corner holding the sponge in place near the top
  4. Use the electronic pipettor along with the 10 ml serological pipettes provided in your test kit to remove the liquid from the bag
  5. Transfer the liquid to the corresponding numbered confirm tube (same sample number as the sponge bag)

The liquid in the confirm tubes can be used for Listeria species confirmation if desired using our confirmation protocol (attached).

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