The Schedule tab allows you to create schedules, view open and completed schedules (with test results entered), and keep track of deleted or abandoned schedules.  Abandoned schedules are ones which have not had results entered in a certain timeframe.

To view an open schedule:

  1. Expand the Open Schedules section by clicking on the + on the green bar.  If it is already expanded a  will be seen instead (below)
  2. Click the schedule you want to view

Schedule Details:

An opened schedule has a Schedule date and an Owner assigned to it.  Schedules have data around the test points being sampled with a specified test method, similar to the information found in the Test Points tab

To Create a new schedule:

  1. After clicking on the Schedule tab, click on the  button on the top left corner.
  2. Fill in the New Schedule Details including Date, Description, Schedule Owner, Test Method, Reason (if any) and whether you want the schedule to Repeat
  3. Use the filters on left side to specify which types of test points you would like included. (Note: Advanced schedule options include "Schedule Importer" and "Saved Scenario" are also options to create a schedule)
  4. Use the filters to sort your test points or search for a particular set of test points
  5. Click Find Test Points.  Your test points will populate the main screen.
  6. Choose the test points you want to test by checking the box next to "Reason" or to choose a random number of test points, click the button on the right side of the screen
  7. Once you have selected your test points, click the  button.


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