Preparing Microtubes to Read Samples in the DETECT Reader

After samples have been clarified in the centrifuge, they are ready to be combined with the Detection Reagent and analyzed with the Sample6 DETECT Reader. Please consult the IFU (Instructions for Use - attached below) for further direction with the assay

  1. Using a variable pipette, transfer 600uL of the clarified sample solution from ROW 1 to the corresponding microtube in ROW 3, mixing the clarified samples with the Detection Reagents. Avoid disturbing the pellet during this step. (It is useful to pick up the microtube to make sure the pipette tip doesn't touch the bottom/pellet)
  2. To reduce the chance for cross contamination, you should always close the cap of each tube after the transfer. 
  3. Repeat the transfer for all of the samples.

Once the samples are mixed with the Detection solution, they are ready to be read by the Sample6 DETECT Reader and should be processed promptly.

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