Taking the Sample

It is important to use good technique when taking environmental samples to reduce the chance of cross contamination. Wearing gloves and changing them frequently, or spraying with a 70% solution of alcohol between samples, is strongly recommended.

  1. Swab a surface of approximately 1 ft x 1 ft using both sides of the sponge. (When swabbing drains and irregular or smaller surfaces, use the corners and sides of the sponge to get into any crevices)
  2. Return the sponge to the bag by pulling open the white tabs and place the sponge inside, leaving the stick outside of the bag.
  3. Grip the sponge through the bag and twist the stick counterclockwise. The stick should twist off without much force. Discard the leftover handle.
  4. Close the bag by rolling the top of the bag at least three times and secure it by bending the blue tabs inward.



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