Mixing and preparing the Detection Reagent

 Detection Reagent A and Detection Reagent B will need to be mixed before processing the samples. Reagent A has a small amount of dark yellow liquid that is slightly viscous and must be pipetted and not poured directly into the Detection Reagent B vial. 

  1. Make sure Detection Reagent A and Detection Reagent B are at room temperature before proceeding (**Do not add to the incubator to warm the reagents**)
  2. To ensure the reagents are completely transferred, add 1ml of Detection Reagent B (larger tube) into the Detection Reagent A vial using a micropipette.
  3. Using the same pipette tip, transfer the entire contents of the Detection A vial into the Detection B vial and invert gently several times to mix.
  4. Transfer 300uL of the Detection Reagent's solution mixture into each of the empty sample/control microtubes numbered in Row 3 of the microtube rack.  

The microtubes are now ready for the addition of sample "top liquid" after they have been clarified in the centrifuge.


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