Completing your remediations

Before you can complete your remediation, you will first need to complete all required activities. The final activity will be to re-test the area that triggered the remediation process. Your Sample6 CONTROL admin may have configured your site to require more than one re-test of a given test point which means the remediation will not allow you to mark it complete until all of the re-test results have been entered. Check with your admin if you are unable to complete your remediations.

Once the activities have all been completed, including any required re-tests, you will find your remediation in the 'For Review' section of the 'Remediations' page.

To complete the remediation:

  1. Log into Sample6 CONTROL
  2. Click the 'Remediations' link at the top of the page
  3. Expand the 'For Review' section to view the remediations list
  4. Select the remediation you would like to complete and click 'Done'
  5. Attach any necessary documentation or notes and check the box to complete the remediation


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