Clarifying the sample for Detection

Sample6 DETECT/L is a phage based assay that utilizes a bioluminescent reaction to produce light in a positive sample. To ensure that the signal is not quenched by debris, it is important to use a centrifuge to spin down any debris and clarify the sample before detection.

  1. Open the bag by pulling the two white tabs apart, and then squeeze the sponge to release the liquid trapped inside. Tilt the bag away from the sponge and insert the tip of the micropipette.
  2. Use the micropipette to transfer 1mL of liquid from the sponge bag into the corresponding microtube in Row 1 of the microtube rack. Between sample bags wipe the micropipette down with a paper towel/Kim wipe to avoid cross-contamination
  3. To process the samples/control microtubes, you will need to load the centrifuge making sure the centrifuge is balanced.  Please consult the IFU (Instructions for Use) if you need further direction on balancing the tubes. 
  4. Turn on the centrifuge for 60 seconds at 9,000 RCF.  The supplied centrifuge by Sample6 will read 9.0 RCF (designation for 9,000 RCF)
  5. When the centrifuge stops, remove the samples/control microtubes and place them into microtube rack, Row 1

During this step all the solids present in the sample will become concentrated at the bottom of each microtube. Some samples will have a visible pellet, while for others the pellet will not be visible; treat all of them carefully trying not to disturb the pellet. 



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