Setting up your Apple ID without a Credit Card

The Sample6 CONTROL app for the iPad is a free app downloaded from Apple's App Store.  Downloading the App requires the creation of an Apple ID.  Creating an Apple ID from the Settings on the iPad requires you to enter a credit card number.  To create an Apple ID without adding a credit card number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store app and search for a free app (Something from iTunes University, for instance)
  2. Click "Get" and you will be prompted to enter a new Apple ID or create one
  3. Click "Create One"
  4. Select Country
  5. Agree to terms
  6. Enter email, password, and security questions
  7. Payment Screen:  Choose "None" - the last option.  You'll still need to enter your billing address, but you will not be charged or set up for purchasing apps from this ID


  • Download the Sample6 CONTROL app, if you haven't already (searched from the App Store)

Sign in with your new Apple ID from the Settings tab, "App and iTunes Stores" section and you're ready to begin testing!

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