Getting to know your iPad - Basic Functionality

The iPad is an easy device to use, but takes some initial time to get used to the features and buttons.  The Sample6 CONTROL Basic app is a free app which allows DETECT/L customers to create schedules, read results while interfacing with the DETECT Reader, and more features to come.


Get to know your iPad and the Sample6 CONTROL app


Home Button:

1-click takes you to the main screen with the preinstalled apps, including Settings (gear-shaped icon) and the Sample6 CONTROL app, among others

2-clicks (double click) of the home button allows you to view all your open applications.  This is useful to switch between the programs and also Quit an App, by swiping "up" with your finger


Deleting an App: 

Occasionally an App might need to be deleted.  To do this, touch and hold the app that needs deleted.  All of the Apps will start "shaking" and you can delete the app by pressing the "x" in the upper left hand corner of the App


Turning on Wifi and Bluetooth:

The Sample6 CONTROL app requires both Bluetooth and Wireless (Wifi) signals to use communicate with the DETECT Reader, iPad, and the CONTROL Basic/Premium computer software (where schedules and results are stored)

Bluetooth is needed to communicate results from the DETECT Reader to the iPad

Wifi is needed to upload results from the iPad to the CONTROL Basic/Premium online software

The easiest way to make sure your connections are turned on is to use your finger "swipe up" from the bottom of the iPad screen.  A small menu will appear and you can then turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth signals with a touch of a finger.  




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