Usage of the Micropipette - Tips and Tricks

The 1ml / (1000uL) Micropipette is used to transfer small amounts of liquid in the DETECT/L assay.  Proper sample processing may require some practice with this device.  Here are some tips and tricks to help speed along that process:

  • There are two "stops" or "levels of pressure" your thumb presses while using the micropipette.  The first "stop" is pushed with your thumb and when released slowly will take up the desired amount of liquid.  The second "stop" is for expelling leftover liquid in the pipette tip and requires a much harder press of your thumb. This step can be avoided for the DETECT/L assay.

  • Always pull up liquid slowly, so as to get an accurate amount without any bubbles in the pipette tip
  • Remember: Set the dial for one less "0" than the amount of liquid you need for the step.  For example, with 1000ul (1ml), set the 1ml micropipette to "100" on the dial. For 300ul set the 1ml micropipette to "30" on the dial, and so on.

Need more detailed information?  Try reading a great resource from the University of Queensland


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