Forgot your iPad password?

We recommend not using a password on your iPad, for using with the Sample6 CONTROL app.  Your username/password with the Sample6 app - company site should be sufficient for protection of your results and schedules.

However, what if you choose to use a password-protected iPad device and you forgot your password!?

After a few wrong password tries you will get "locked out" of the iPad and need to "recover" your ipad.  But don't worry, your data is stored on the Sample6 CONTROL web platform

In order to recover your ipad, follow the steps from the attached file.

You'll need:

1) A PC with iTunes installed (or download it)

2) Your Apple ID/password to log in after the "recovery process"

3) USB-Ipad cord 

4) A little patience - the process can take over 15 mins to restore your iPad



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