Reading Samples with the Sample6 DETECT Reader

The Sample6 DETECT Reader is an instrument that can detect extremely low levels of light.  Once samples have been collected, incubated, and processed in microtubes they should be read promptly on the DETECT Reader.

After the clarified samples and the Detection reagent are combined in ROW 3, the micro tubes are now ready for measurement in the DETECT Reader.

  1. When prompted by the iPad software, grasp the corresponding sample or CONTROL and wipe down the tube with an alcohol wipe.  This step is intended to remove any static on the tube.
  2. Open the door to the Reader and place the sample into the sample carrier.
  3. Close the door to reader.  You should hear an audible "CLICK" when the luminometer shutter engages and the Reader will automatically start reading the sample.

The Sample6 DETECT Reader takes 20 seconds to read each individual result. When done, the software will prompt you to add the next sample until all of the samples are processed.

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