Getting Started with the Sample6 CONTROL Basic app - Logging In

To get started and log into the CONTROL Basic app:

  1. Turn on Wifi and Bluetooth Connections on your iPad. The bluetooth signal enables your iPad to read signals from the DETECT Reader and record them as "presumed positive" or "negative" results.  Wifi connection allows for results from the iPad to be stored on the CONTROL website.
  2. Make sure your DETECT Reader is powered on.  The Air Console should be blue/blinking blue when Bluetooth signal is available.  
  3. Log in with your preassigned CONTROL (CONTROL website) username and password.  Your username/password are used for both the CONTROL website as well as the CONTROL Basic iPad app
  4. Choose your Company's "Site".  Some companies may have more than one Site or location using the DETECT/L assay.

Welcome to the CONTROL app schedule homepage:  

  • The left column contains a list of "Open" Schedules that haven't been completed or read. You can view "All" schedule history including completed schedules here as well.
  • The right column displays the schedule you have selected on the left or the new schedule you are creating by adding existing test points or creating a new test point directly from the app.


Tip:  To check that Wifi and Bluetooth signals are functioning properly make sure that the "Cloud" has a checkmark through it, not an "X" (Wifi is connected) and the Bluetooth Icon says "Connected".  Opening the door to the DETECT Reader will change the words below it from "Door Closed" to "Door Opened". 


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