Reading samples using the CONTROL Basic iPad app

When a schedule is "Opened" it will remain in the left column of the home screen of the CONTROL Basic iPad app until you are ready to read samples using the DETECT Reader.

To Read Your Samples, follow these steps: 

  1. Hit "Read Samples" to start reading your samples in the DETECT Reader.
  2. The screen will begin the process of reading samples, starting with your Negative Control (Negative A).
  3. Follow the prompts to read your samples labeled by ascending sample number/Test Point ID.  Each tube will be inserted into the DETECT Reader and read for 20 seconds.  The software will determine whether the result is a Listeria species "presumed positive" or "negative."
  4. If "DETECT check" is turned on and a "presumed positive" occurs, follow the directions on the iPad screen and add the specified amount of DETECT check solution to the microtube, mix the tube by inverting 3 times, press the "DETECT check" button and re-read the microtube.  For more details on on properly using DETECT check, click here
  5. At any point in the process, if the "Stop Reading" button is pressed you will be able to start reading from the beginning, starting with the Negative Control A microtube. (This could be useful if the wrong microtube was inserted or similar error)
  6.  After your samples from the schedule have finished reading, hit the "Okay" button to save your results and return to the app home page


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