Using the Airconsole device for Bluetooth connection

The Airconsole is included with each Welcome Kit for use with the DETECT/L assay.  It's main function is to create a Bluetooth signal while connected to the DETECT Reader.  This signal allows the DETECT Reader to communicate with the Sample6 CONTROL app on the iPad in real-time.  As results are read by the DETECT Reader (presumed positive, negative, invalid) they are recorded on the iPad.  

Turning on the Bluetooth signal:

With the Airconsole connected to the back of the DETECT Reader simply turn on the device by pushing the "R" switch to the the Right (pictures shown below).  To avoid using the device in battery mode, it is advised to connect the Airconsole to a power source using the provided miniUSB-USB cable (white) and a USB power adaptor.


  When the Air Console is active, the "blinking red light" will turn to a "blinking blue light," in two different places on the device, shown below.

 When the Bluetooth connection is turned on the Airconsole is blinking blue, sign into the Sample6 CONTROL app for the iPad.  When the iPad screen in the top right displays "Connected - Door Closed," the Bluetooth signal is connected properly, indicating that the DETECT Reader door is in the unused and "closed" position.  You are now ready to read your samples on the iPad. 

NoteThe "cloud" indicates Wifi connection only.  An "x" means Wifi is not connected/turned on.  A "check mark" through the cloud means wifi is connected/turned on.  Wifi is needed to sign into the CONTROL app but only Bluetooth connection is needed to read samples.

If experiencing Bluetooth Connection issues, follow these steps:

  1. Cycle on/off the Airconsole by pushing the "R button" to the left and then back to the Right.  The device will flash red and then flash blue when on.  Check for connection to the iPad after 10-15 seconds
  2. If that isn't sufficient to establish Bluetooth connection, turn off the DETECT Reader and the Airconsole, while signing out of the app and closing it by pressing the iPad "home button" twice and "swiping up" to close the app.  Turn on the DETECT Reader, the airconsole, and then sign into the app again and try to obtain the bluetooth connection
  3. If connection still can't be established, power off the DETECT Reader and Airconsole. Also power down the iPad by holding down the power button.  Check that the connections of the Airconsole are properly connected by disconnecting/reconnecting them.  Make sure the brown adaptor (photo below) is used to connect the Airconsole to the Detect Reader.  Restart the iPad, power on the Airconsole and DETECT Reader.  Start the Sample6 control app and look for the proper connection of Bluetooth signal.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support team by submitting a Support Ticket

Proper Connection of Airconsole/Brown adaptor to DETECT Reader: 

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