Company Information

Company Info offers a quick glance into how some important aspects of your CONTROL site is set up, including analysis types, sites, etc. - all of which are fully editable in other sections of the Settings. 

To change some defaults of Company Info, including Green/Yellow Percentages: 

  1. Click your name at the far right of CONTROL and Settings from the drop-down menu
  2. You're on the Company Info page, click "Edit" to change standard defaults for your company
  3. Enter Green/Yellow Percentages as desired

Green Percentage is the lower percentage threshold for historical test point positive results, represented on the Floorplan. Under this threshold, the left side of the test point will appear green.

Yellow Percentage is the upper percentage threshold for historical test point positive results, represented on the Floorplan. Above this threshold, the left side of the test point will appear Red. 

Between the green and yellow percentages (lower and upper thresholds), test points will appear Yellow on the left side of the test point.  

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