What is the function of the CONTROL Basic App for the iPad?

The Sample6 CONTROL Basic app for the iPad is a multifunctional app for DETECT/L assay users.  As the interface between the DETECT Reader and the iPad, the CONTROL Basic app reads your Listeria sp. results (positive and negative) from the DETECT/L assay.  These results are recorded in the app and uploaded to the CONTROL Premium website for further use.

The Sample6 CONTROL Basic app allows the user to:

  • Load existing schedules created in CONTROL Premium, Sample6's web-based environmental monitoring software.  Schedules can consist of any Test Method used with CONTROL Premium, not just DETECT/L schedules.
  • Read samples and record results from the DETECT/L assay using the DETECT Reader
  • Access completed schedules and results
  • Create schedules of new or existing test points to run with the DETECT/L assay.  This can be done off-line, giving users the flexibility to move through the manufacturing floor creating a schedule of test points and swabbing existing sites, simultaneously.






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