Working with Schedules on the CONTROL Basic app for the iPad

 Note: The iPad app is updated continuously with new features!  To take advantage of these, please update the app when prompted or by setting automatic updates by going to "Settings" -> "iTunes and App Store" -> and turn on "Apps" under the "Automatic Download" heading.  A Wifi connection is required.


After you've logged into the CONTROL Basic app you can view your schedules and get started with reading your samples after running the DETECT/L assay steps. 

"Open" schedules are schedules of test points which have not been read by the DETECT Reader.  These schedules are created and collated on the CONTROL website  or alternatively using the iPad app

"All schedules" are completed schedules with results (presumed positive, negative) shown.

The "Mixing Housing" green arrows can be pushed to "refresh" the iPad and sync with the CONTROL website if changes to schedules are made there or results need uploaded.


If your schedule of test points is not already loaded from the CONTROL website, you can create a schedule from the iPad by clicking the green "Create Schedule" button.

  • Select the Date of the schedule
  • Add a Description to the schedule
  • Add existing test points, even without a Wifi connection (ie. on the manufacturing floor) by touching the green "Add new test point" button and scrolling through the list of existing test points, choosing the one you want
  • Create a new test point (ie. "new drain" below) by simply typing in the new Test Point ID, choose the Room, and choose the Zone associated with that test point.
  • When your list is complete, hit the green button "Open Schedule" to save the schedule, which will fall under the Open schedule column on the left side of the screen.  

As you create a schedule on the iPad you have the ability to Edit the Schedule Date, Rearrange the Test Point sample order and even Delete samples if they were entered in error.

To Edit Features of the Schedule:

  • First click the green pencil with the Edit label.
  • Edit the Schedule date by scrolling to the date required
  • Rearrange a schedule by touching the three "hash marks" to the right of each test point and drag with your finger to the proper order in the schedule
  • Delete a line/test point sampled in the schedule by touching the red dashed-circle and then clicking the "Delete" button.



Additionally, if you have already hit the Open Schedule button and your find your swabs samples are out of order, you can readjust the numbered order by holding the green bag number and then selecting the new order from the pop-up "green numbered box."  

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