Using DETECT check with CONTROL Basic app for the iPad

"DETECT check" is a step of the DETECT/L assay triggered by a "presumed positive" reading - when the sample light signal in RLU is above a validated threshold.  This threshold is partially determined by the negative control, specific to each run of the DETECT/L assay.

Running a DETECT check:

  • When the DETECT check prompt is showing, open the DETECT Reader door and add the appropriate amount of DETECT check solution with a micropipette.
  • Invert the tube 3X to mix the contents of the tube

  • Touch the "DETECT check" button on the iPad (left column) and close the door to the DETECT Reader.  The sample will be read 10 times and a final "presumed positive" or "negative" read will be assigned.

But how does DETECT check work?


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